Chugai Pharma China Co., Ltd.

Building G31, No. 801 Jiankang Dadao, Medical City Taizhou, Jiangsu 225300, China

Any drug safety question please send an email

Bus No. 20, get off at Hanlin College Accommodation Area Station and walk for 3 minutes

Shanghai Branch (with head office function)

Unit 2901, Central Plaza, No.381 Central Huaihai Road, Shanghai 200020, China

Exit from gate 1 of South Huangpi Road Station(subway Line 1), and walk 1 minutes.

Beijing Branch

1118 Beijing Fortune Bldg.No5, Dong San Huan Bei Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100004, China

Exit from gate A of Liangmaqiao Station(subway line 10), and walk 5 minutes.

Guangzhou Branch

Unit 1508, Pearl River Tower, No.15, Zhujiang West Road, Guangzhou 510623, China

Exit from gate D of Zhujiangxincheng Station(subway line 3 or 5), and walk 18 minutes.
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